Epilation mit Plasmalite®



You are not the only person on earth with unwanted hair!

Primeval Man was rather vain in his own way, too, fighting unwanted body hairs by using sharpened stones and shells.

And now? - Pain-free, long-term results in the removal of unwanted facial and body hair have been impossible till now –despite modern technical cosmetic methods – and plucking, shaving, washing or using chemicals hasn’t help either.

Even new and innovative laser epilation methods are limited in their areas of application and don’t give you really reliable results.


Those effected feel that their self-esteem is impaired and that their ego has suffered.

And all that in our modern society, which has developed an unprecedented bodily awareness. Men and woman are willing to endure all kinds of pain to get skin like a baby’s bottom and only want one thing – a pain-free, long-term method to remove hair, which will put an end to the stress that has otherwise been caused.


And this method now exists – with the FPL flash lamp technology – from the globally-known company, Luxsano.

The FPL flash lamp was presented as the only successful method for long-term hair removal in January 2002 during the TV-show “Akte” on SAT1!

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